Sunday, July 27, 2014

18 Months


Have I told you you're amazing? You are 18 going on 3. Everything anyone else does you have to do too (especially if it's your big sister). Whether it's climbing the ladder at the park, or eating Mom's salad, you have to try it. This summer you are especially loving parks, bouncing on beds and couches, swimming, water tables and anything else that involves being outside. You have started to dance, which usually involves "side-eye spinning" as we call it. You keep your eyes on one spot and then spin around in circles giving you side eyes. With your flexibility and coordination, I think you would make a great gymnast, but we'll see if you want to follow in your sister's footsteps and become a dancer too. 

Your big personality is really starting to show. You love to laugh and make everyone else follow. You are even starting to get humor. When you have a dirty diaper you'll say "Stinky" and hold your nose, followed by a fit of giggles. (Guess who taught you that one [Dad]) You've gotten really good at hiding. You'll find a spot and stay super quiet until we find you. Then you laugh and laugh. You've even had me worried a couple times when I couldn't find you. Luckily this was only at home and hasn't happened in public...yet. I foresee the day in a store when you are hiding between the racks and I'm panicking. Your personality is also full of determination and you always know exactly what you want. Lucky for us we can understand you a good half of the time. Mama is still your favorite person, but you have finally opened up to others! Nana has become your good friend and you warming up to friends much quicker.

You are learning new words everyday. You repeat everything and anything. You are even putting a few words together. Everything is "Iwant ____." To other people you call me "my Mama." Your favorite word is "sssshoe" and you are still obsessed with taking them on and off. You have also become obsessed with "teeth" aka your tooth brush. When I can't find you, the first place I look is the bathroom and usually I find you standing on the stool brushing them.

Already love to dress up with Sienna.

Those eye teeth are still working on coming through. One top one completely broke and 2 are very close. It has been a very long, and painful experience. We got your measurements and no surprise you are still off the charts. You held very consistent percentage wise as last time. Still long and lean. We are going to have a very hard time finding pants that will fit you this winter.

Height: 34.3 inches (98%)
Weight: 24 lbs 10 oz (76%)

You love your sister so much.

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Gail Okeson said...

Kristen, your little girls are so sweet! Thank you so much for sharing them -- when I see them at your mom's, they are absolutely adorable!