Sunday, July 27, 2014

18 Months


Have I told you you're amazing? You are 18 going on 3. Everything anyone else does you have to do too (especially if it's your big sister). Whether it's climbing the ladder at the park, or eating Mom's salad, you have to try it. This summer you are especially loving parks, bouncing on beds and couches, swimming, water tables and anything else that involves being outside. You have started to dance, which usually involves "side-eye spinning" as we call it. You keep your eyes on one spot and then spin around in circles giving you side eyes. With your flexibility and coordination, I think you would make a great gymnast, but we'll see if you want to follow in your sister's footsteps and become a dancer too. 

Your big personality is really starting to show. You love to laugh and make everyone else follow. You are even starting to get humor. When you have a dirty diaper you'll say "Stinky" and hold your nose, followed by a fit of giggles. (Guess who taught you that one [Dad]) You've gotten really good at hiding. You'll find a spot and stay super quiet until we find you. Then you laugh and laugh. You've even had me worried a couple times when I couldn't find you. Luckily this was only at home and hasn't happened in public...yet. I foresee the day in a store when you are hiding between the racks and I'm panicking. Your personality is also full of determination and you always know exactly what you want. Lucky for us we can understand you a good half of the time. Mama is still your favorite person, but you have finally opened up to others! Nana has become your good friend and you warming up to friends much quicker.

You are learning new words everyday. You repeat everything and anything. You are even putting a few words together. Everything is "Iwant ____." To other people you call me "my Mama." Your favorite word is "sssshoe" and you are still obsessed with taking them on and off. You have also become obsessed with "teeth" aka your tooth brush. When I can't find you, the first place I look is the bathroom and usually I find you standing on the stool brushing them.

Already love to dress up with Sienna.

Those eye teeth are still working on coming through. One top one completely broke and 2 are very close. It has been a very long, and painful experience. We got your measurements and no surprise you are still off the charts. You held very consistent percentage wise as last time. Still long and lean. We are going to have a very hard time finding pants that will fit you this winter.

Height: 34.3 inches (98%)
Weight: 24 lbs 10 oz (76%)

You love your sister so much.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dance Recital

Sienna had her 2nd dance recital!! She did so great and had so much fun being on the big stage. 2 weeks before the recital I was convinced she wasn't going to do it. She's going through an extremely clingy phase and refused to even dance at her weekly practice. For the next 2 weeks, Justin and I did our best to talk it up, showed her last years recital video, and had others help encourage her. I even talked to her teacher and we came up with a plan to get her on the stage. 

The night of the rehearsal came. Lucky for us we were allowed to sit with them backstage before they danced. When it was her turn to line up, she started to panic and cling to me but I was able to hand her over to her teacher and we were good to go! Once she was on the stage, she got the recital high and never wanted to leave it. Come actual recital night she hardly said goodbye to me when I dropped her off. 

We were able to take videos and pictures on rehearsal night. We also got to sit in the front row which gave a great view and she could see us to wave. On recital night we were in almost the back row. Sitting so far back made her look TINY on stage. I wish I would have taken a picture just for that perspective of it. When she got on the stage recital night she started waving/yelling Hi Mommy! Hi Daddy!! while looking for us. It was pretty cute. In addition to her 2 dances, she also did the finale, where everyone walks on stage and takes a bow. She stood up there shaking her hips, clapping and dancing the whole time. I didn't think we'd be able to get her off the stage. 

My cuties.

Being their crazy selves. 

After the recital with Papa and her rose.

Here's the 2 videos from rehearsal night.

[10th??] Annual Memorial Day BBQ

We've been doing the Eid/Jovle annual Memorial Day Bbq for quite awhile now. No one can exactly remember how long it's been but someone thought this might be the 10th one! Either way it's been a great tradition that we started and it always so much fun. Every year it grows as more kids are added to the group. In honor of Cran's Mom we did some fun kid pictures. One by age and one by height.

Age Pictures
Mallory (8), Leslie (7), Ellie (5), Mikayla (4), Sienna (3), Josie (3), Ariana (3), Molly (2), Kensi (1), Christopher (10 months) (Baby Ben 1 month, not pictured)

Height Picture - not even close to the ages!!

I thought I tried really hard to take more than just kid pictures but I apparently only took one. Oops! Next year I'll do better.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cooking Club XVII

Cran & Brent hosted the latest cooking club. Yes, Brent is back! Lucky for us he has Saturday nights off again. Cran has a friend who is from Korea, so they decided to plan a Korean themed menu with her help. She even gave us authentic seaweed sent from her family for our soup! They thought they'd be funny and send us the menu in Korean characters. Good thing for the Internet so we could translate. 

The menu was very unique. We started with an appetizer and soup course.
Korean Pancakes Duo
Miso Soup

Everything in this course was delicious. One of the pancakes was very spicy with lots of peppers. It was more of a traditional pancake base. The other had more of an egg base and we added in veggies and sausage. The soup (fresh seaweed included) was the best Miso soup I've tried. I'm not a big tofu fan but I was able to stomach it in this. 

For the main course we had:
Bulgogi over Rice Provides
Crispy Sweet Potatoes in Caramel Sauce

The Bulgogi was awesome. Such a good flavor in the meat. We all decided the red lettuce was a bit bitter for the dish and would be better with regular lettuce. The sweet potatoes were very caramely and paired great with the bitter lettuce.

For dessert we had:
Red Bean Cake
Korean Coffee

We were all a little skeptical of this cake to start with. Who puts red beans in a cake? I will say the red bean paste you buy is sweetened. I tasted it raw and it was alright. This picture makes it look good right? The top of it actually was edible. But then you get to the inside...

Sticky, ewwy, gooey mess. It was awful. (I made it, I can say that) There was a little mishaps with the mixer and some of the ingredients flying all over the room. I'm not sure that was the reason for the texture. We don't know if it's supposed to be like that or if it's cause we had to make it dairy free. Either way, we won't be making it again. But always fun to try! The coffee made up for the dessert. It was wonderful especially for being instant. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Treading Water...

I'm here. It's been so long since I've blogged I don't even know where to start. We've had a very full couple of months. Life seems to just be flying by. Most weeks I feel like we're just treading water trying to keep our heads above so we can survive. Not to say that it's bad. We've had many fun events that I'd love to get up here. We celebrated Easter, Mother's Day, and a few birthdays, visited my Mom and Ron in Arizona, saw the WI family, went to FL, ate a great Korean themed cooking club, had our annual Memorial Day BBQ, dealt with sick kids, got another Stitch Fix, and most recently had a garage sale which sold off all the baby stuff! (I love purging and a clean house) So we're alive and doing well. To my 3 loyal fans - I hope to get more up soon. Don't give up on me. :)

I'll leave you with this.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stitch Fix Review

I've had numerous people asking me about Stitch Fix and wanting more details, so I decided this was the easiest way to do it. I have been struggling with my wardrobe for awhile. I want new pieces but never have time to go out and really shop around. When I do, I'm always in a hurry and seem to gravitate to the same old styles. I had high hopes that Stitch Fix would be an easy way to get some new and fun pieces.

A little about Stitch Fix. You fill out a profile of yourself online. You tell about your body, sizes, what you tend to like, rate some clothes collections, give price ranges for spending, and how out of your comfort zone you want to go. I think it auto signs you up for getting a fix every month but it looks very easy to skip months you don't want.

Each fix gives you 5 items to choose from. You can keep all, some, or none. It costs $20 to get the fix sent to you, which is applied to your order. If you decide to keep nothing you are out the $20. If you keep all the items you get 25% off your order (enticement!!) Shipping is free for returns. They even included a return bag for my items. Here's what I got in my first fix (sorry for the horrible selfie pics. They are not my thing)

Navy and green polka dot top. Loose fitting and very cute! It's a silky material.

High waist cropped pants. They are black with a pattern overlay. This was my big surprise of the box. I thought I would hate the high waist but they are very comfortable and stretchy. No zipper or buttons on the pants.

Chevron patterned, multi-colored shirt. Has a unique neckline and is very comfortable. The sleeves gather at the bottom and scrunch up. 

A fairly basic fuschia tee, with a fun, low dipping back. I like this because it is a thicker fabric than most tees you find - no cami required!

With my fix came this sheet with style ideas for each piece. 

My 5th piece was a pair of silver, dangly earrings. I forgot to take a pic. They were cute but nothing super special. I decided to keep everything which came to just under $200. I really liked the first 3 pieces and the cost of those 3 alone was $200. Since you get the discount for buying all 5, I got all 5 for the same price. I'm very happy with this so far. I'm curious to see with my next months fix if they will add pieces to go with what I kept, or if it'll be completely different stuff. If anyone is interested I can post it again!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

15 Months


I wish I could take this age, bottle it up, and keep it forever. Everything you do is new and exciting. You change by the day and it's so fun to watch it unfold. I was really hoping by this post I could say you are walking and you are! You've been steady on your feet for months, but haven't had the desire to stand up and do it. Instead you enjoyed walking/running on your knees. It was much more efficient for you - and you still do it, but every day you walk more on your feet. I love how you first decided to walk. I got a new app on my phone called 7 Minute Workout. I wanted to get your Daddy and Sienna to do it with me. We were all running around, being crazy doing this workout. You were trying to join in, but no one was really paying attention. As we are all laying on the ground doing our crunches, I look over and see you stand up and start walking to us. Big smiles and all proud. I think you either wanted more attention or wanted to join in. Either way it worked and I started yelling for everyone to look at you. Besides being a new walker, you are also a climber. There are many times I find you sitting on top of the play table looking out the window. You are also just tall enough to get up on the couch, which leads to bouncing and delight.

You want to be just like your big sister and do everything she does.

Your girly side is starting to show. You are obsessed with shoes. If Sienna leaves any of her dress shoes laying around, you immediately try to put them on. Took you awhile but you now have enough coordination to get them on most of the time. I will also find you in the laundry where we keep all the kid shoes and you'll have them all pulled out, trying on as many as you can. If I ever have my slippers or a pair of shoes off but close to me, you will grab them and try to put them on my feet.

Dress shoe obsession.

It looks like we have another chatter box in the house. Like your sister, you are an early talker. You have a solid 15-20 words that you use. Your favorite is "Doggeeeeeeeee", which you also sign while saying it. Mama has now become "Mommeeeeeeeee." A few others are hi, bye bye, book, ahhh done, Boo Boo (for Sienna), and Mi Mi (for Minnie).

With Sienna's Mi Mi - you do have your own smaller version to cuddle.

You broke your 4 molars and now appear to be working on the eye teeth. I can't wait until this is all done! Hopefully by 18 months you will give us a break until the 2 year molars come in.

Lots of teeth.

We got official measurements and no surprise your height is still off the charts. Dr said you are as tall as the average 2 year old
Height: 33 inches (98%)
Weight: 23.5 lbs (79%)
Head: 19.3 (99%)

Can't wait to see what you bring us next. Love you so much my baby!