Monday, October 11, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day

We went out yesterday to try and get the perfect family fall pictures - for the Xmas card of course. So happy that we have our [not so] new camera that allows us to take hundreds of pictures quickly. AND it even had a fall colors setting. Perfect! We met up with the Eids and found a couple pretty spots. Sienna cooperated with us too. She was bright eyed and even gave us a few smiles! I'm not going to post the winner but here are a few that we got.

Sitting on a stump.

Posing in the leaves.

Big smiles for Mom and Dad!

Mal playing in the leaves.

I was in charge of making Mikayla smile. She wasn't really having it by the time the stump pictures came. Luckily we were successful earlier.


Aaron Mathison said...

Nice pics! It looks like Fall is in full swing out there. The leaves are starting to turn here. The shoreline is the last place to turn it seems.

Kristie said...

Kind of glad we did the stump last as the setup looks sort of odd. What a fun morning. I am glad they turned out and your smiling baby is contagious!!!